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Longmont, Colorado
United States

Jacqueline McKinny


Jacqueline McKinny was born and raised in Niwot, Colorado. She moved to Boulder in 2001 and began blowing glass after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BFA in Humanities and a certificate in Medieval Studies. After graduation, Jacqueline found her lifetime career as a glassblower by looking in the want-ads of a local paper.  In 2006, she started Rowan Studios to market her glass work at regional wine festivals and summer fairs. 


Over the last few years, Jacqueline has taught multiple apprentices and collaborated with several artists -  like Kotomi Lemi Yoda and Dina Kalahar - on a variety of projects and pieces, crossing and mixing mediums.  According to Jacqueline, one of the perks of being a glassblower is being part of such a dynamic community that is filled with so many talented artists which always challenges the individual to raise their own personal “bar”. Much of her work is inspired by stories or nature and has an organic twist to it. Jacqueline is a member of the Glass Art Society and has participated in glass blowing competitions in Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Berkeley. Her work has been published in “The Flow” a Journal for the Lampworking Community and in the Best of America Glass Artists Volume II.